Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association

Welcome to the Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association!

The WMHA was formed in 1957 by milk haulers who were concerned about their industry. Since that time the association has been successful in their legislative efforts. Following is a short list of what has been accomplished. To view all accomplishments, click the About link above.

  • Increased speed limit on town and country roads to 55 mph.
  • Increased axle weight limits.
  • Registration fee reduction.
  • Class B Highways are now permissible at all times.

Each day over 77 million pounds of raw milk moves from our 10,400 dairy farms to one of our 200 processing plants. Milk Haulers are a key component of our $26.5 billion Wisconsin (WI) dairy industry.

The Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association is not in the business of setting rates for haulers or have anything to do with rates. Competition in America is free enterprise. If an association were to help set rates for it’s members it would be considered anti-trust and fall under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Associations are designed to assist members in defining laws and changing laws to improve business operations as well as providing a venue to network and connect with other members and to educate.

Association Information

WMHA is a major source of information on agricultural and trucking matters. The WMHA is available to answer your questions or to assist with your problems on such matters as taxation, agricultural permits and regulations, transportation issues, workers and unemployment compensation, insurance issues, drug testing, and employment practices.

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Membership Services

WMHA is a division of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. As a result, WMHA members are eligible for numerous discount programs that are offered through the WMCA. The WMHA is also a member of the International Milk Haulers Association. Many other benefits are available through this organization as well.

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Convention/Truck Show

Every fall, the WMHA hosts a convention and truck show at various locations throughout the state. In addition to viewing the latest in milk hauling technology, there is an annual business meeting and seminar, along with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktail receptions. Wisconsin has the only truck show for milk haulers in the United States.

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